Summer Must Do’s

By Maggie Rulli 08.18.2013 blog

You might be back in school…but summer is not over!

I was promised three months of Summer: June, July and August. And heck – I’m gonna take all three! So, since it’s NOT September yet, let’s take advantage of every last sunshine-y, heat filled drop of fun August has to offer.

Here’s my list of everything I wanna do before summer ends:

 – Go to the beach and body surf a wave

– Make (and eat) popsicles

– Swim in a pool and smell like chlorine for the rest of the day

– Read a book that is not required and absolutely love every page of it

– Eat an Ice cream cone outside and with the ice cream all dripping down the sides onto your hands

 Go to a farmers market and buy super fresh produce…eat fresh produce immediately after buying while sitting outside

– Paint toenails a crazy color and wear flip flops

– Have a picnic outside

– Drink iced coffees and iced teas non-stop

– Have a water balloon fight

– Leave windows open overnight and feel the summer breeze

– Host a BBQ and grill everything in sight

– Listen to country music

– Go on a road trip with the windows down

– Go to a carnival or amusement park

– Take tons of pictures of all your friends enjoying the weather and doing awesome summer things

– Wear summer dresses, shorts, tank tops non-stop…even when it starts to get cold

– Go for a bike ride

– Hula hoop

– Take a dog for a walk…even if you don’t have one, just borrow!

– Go to a baseball game

– Go for a hike

– Eat an insane amount of berries in season

– Eat an insane amount of tomatoes in season

– Walk barefoot in the grass

– Run through a spinkler

– Catch fireflies

– Go to an outdoor concert

– Stay outside as late as possible every single night

And if we need a little extra time to cross off everything on this list, remember – technically, summer ends with the Autumnal Equinox on September 22. Look at science being all kind helping us out and what not.

What are some things on your must do summer list? Let me know what I missed!




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