Summer = Sun, Fun & Giving Back

By Cassie Hudson 05.09.2014 blog

Summer break is almost here! That means no more studying, no more tests, no more pop quizzes. Just extra time to sleep, relax and take it easy. But don’t get too comfortable! Summer break is also the perfect opportunity to get involved in the causes you care about – helping people around the world while you do.

Our friends at DoSomething have dozens of great causes, cool campaigns and fun projects to keep you busy over the break. Here are a few of our favorites:

Support Board

Create a Support Board so your classmates can leave anonymous messages of encouragement for friends and peers experiencing mental illness.

End date: June 15

Digital Debates

Host a Twitter debate with friends about a hot news headline. Encourage your friends to use their social media platforms to strengthen their college applications.

End date: June 30

Comeback Clothes

Recycle old or worn-out clothes to help our planet. Run a drive at your school or in your community to collect unwanted clothes and drop them off at your local H&M. You could even win a 10,000 scholarship!

End date: June 20

Wildlife Cards

Send thank you cards to the people who protect endangered species.

End date: September 1

Kickball for All

Start an inclusive kickball team in your community and get EVERYONE on the field this summer. Play ball, all!

End date: August 31

Thinking about giving back to your community this summer? What causes do you want to get involved in? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Jordan-Lee

    I need to be reminded to donate the clothes that are too big for me.

  2. Amber Simon

    I gave back to my friend.. she helped me through a lot…
    I plan on giving back to my school. They excepted me, and I am proud to be able to help them if I can…

  3. Alanna

    Let’s do something to help something for someone else

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