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By 05.15.2014 blog

If you’ve ever reached into the fridge for something that was a little beyond its “best by” date, it’s not an experience you’ll soon forget. That’s why this idea for the next big thing might be sweeping the grocery stores shelves before we all know it.

Smart tags are gel-based, temperature sensitive tags that turns from red to green (that might be a little confusing…) as the food goes from fresh to spoiled. The creators of the tag think it will be great for keeping people from accidentally eating spoiled food, but also in letting them know when something that they think might be suspicious is really O.K., preventing food waste as well. The tags also work for medicines, so no more wondering if that bottle of pain killer is actually going to help your headache.

So what do you think? Vote in the poll to weigh in on smart tags. 


  1. noah johnson

    I love this idea u should sell it on ebay for 54 because this is booty

  2. Kaydence Stevens

    Yes, I think that this is the Next Big Thing because sometimes the “best by” labels are hard to find. I remember one time I was fixing a bowl of cereal and i poured milk into the bowl. It turns out that the milk expired one week before! Afterwards I got really sick (duh!). But if I had the Smart Tags, I wouldn’t have gotten sick. So this is the next big thing!

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