Taking to the Skies

By 05.29.2014 blog

Do you ever get stuck in traffic? Do you ever think that there must be a way to skip it that doesn’t involve being stuck in traffic on a bus, with 60 strangers?

You’re not the only one. As cities look for creative ways to help people get around town, skypods, which are essentially private-public transit, are one idea that might have traction. The pods typically carry two or three people and can travel as fast as 150 mph (speedy!).

When you climb aboard, you enter your destination and the pod take care of the rest — moving you along lines of track hanging over roads or sidewalks until you get to where you’re going.

What do you think? Is this new transit technology the wave of the future? Vote in the poll to weigh in! 


  1. Olivia

    I could see people trying this instead of walking it will be easier to transport to place to place I can’t wait to try it

  2. Sophia

    The city is already crowded with wires and poles everywhere. I’m more into solar roadways. Let’s fix the roads we have first!

  3. Ashley Sanders

    yes, i think it’s a great idea! let’s just hope that there aren’t any glitches in the system! we wouldn’t want the device to fall on top of others cars and hurt others! otherwise, its a yes for me(:

  4. Katelynn Riggs

    Boring how will u sit by all of if friends now if there’s only three seats

  5. bunnylover

    I love this idea. In fact, I thought about the solar roadway project when I saw this video. Please go on google and look up “solar freaking roadways”. It is amazing, and I am trying to spread the word. Enjoy!

  6. Cali-Wentz

    I say yes! It’s important because some kids get In trouble because their late for school, this way they won’t though.

  7. nick

    out with the buses traffic in with the pods with no traffic or very little.

  8. Oliver

    No because everyone will want to get on and make traffic there.

  9. Kimberly Liu

    It would seem really cool to try to get to school in kind of like a flying pod, because it would reduce pollution and it would be an interesting experience to “fly” in the sky!

  10. Christopher-Pennington

    It would be much faster to get to school. I personally think it could decrease the amount of fuel costs for the school buses and the maintenance.

  11. Amanda -Hunter

    Awesome, would love to try it!!!

  12. Jose Diaz

    Let get on the pod and ride !!!

  13. Unicorns :D

    I don’t think that it will because it would look kinda weird

    • aughbrionnah

      like u

  14. Rainbow

    Can’t wait to try it

  15. Rainbow

    It seems like a good idea can’t wait to try it

  16. Nathan-zobrist

    Ya I would! It would be way better than a bus to get to school!

  17. angel ortiz

    yes will get places quicker without having to be crowded!

    • Alex

      Ya it would be quicker but then so any people would want to ride them that the pod would be causing traffic and it is not like people would start putting wires every where.

  18. michael jackson

    out with the bus in with the pod

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