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By Monica Burns 02.25.2014 blog

Teachers are always searching for new ideas they can use in their classroom. They might need inspiration for a bulletin board, a new classroom management system or are simply looking for an app to use with their students. Pinterest is an amazing resource! Teachers can keep track of all the tips and tricks they want to try out in their classroom.

How does Pinterest work? 

Pinterest is a site where users can upload pictures or add links to websites. Each item they upload is called a “pin.” You might have seen a Pinterest button next to a blog post so you can “pin” that page to your own Pinterest board. Users can add a few sentences that explain what they found on a website or what’s happening in a picture they snapped. Pinterest also let’s you choose different people to follow and you can browse all of their “pins.” The purpose of Pinterest is to let users collect all of their favorite things in one place and let their friends and followers see them too. You can organize your pins into boards to keep ideas on similar topics grouped together. For example if you have found lots of ideas for Social Studies graphic organizers, you can place all of these pins on one board so they are easy to find.

Why is Pinterest a teacher tool?

Pinterest has become a wonderful place for teachers to gather ideas. Educators from all over the world are pinning their favorite lesson plans, web resources and inspirational messages on their Pinterest boards. You can search by entering keywords like “literature circles” or “math games” and tons of pins shared by other teachers will appear on your screen. Lisa Johnson is an Educational Technologist and avid Pinterest user (her page).

She believes that “Pinterest truly redefines how educators interact with resources online. While I use Pinterest to clip and organize iPad Lessons and educational resources for later access, the social aspect of the tool truly allows for curation to have global education impact. If you are going to pin for one, why not pin for all! If one person is creating and sharing pins from their own searches for educational content online, everyone benefits in time saved and resources found from this curation.”

Where do I start?

First you’ll need to create a free account by signing up on Pinterest’s website. Then start searching for classroom ideas by typing in general terms or specific keywords. If you like someone else’s pin you can add it to one of your boards or start following that person to see more things that they like. Users can also access Pinterest from mobile apps on their smartphones for “pinning” on the go. You may want to start by following Channel One News on Pinterest!

So the next time you see an article that you like or an idea you don’t want to forget, add it to you Pinterest board!

Have you used Pinterest before? Share a link to your favorite pin in the comments section below.

Monica Burns is an Education Consultant, EdTech Blogger, and Apple Distinguished Educator. Visit her site ClassTechTips.com for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.


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