Team OneVote: Debate Round Two

By Karolyn Eilersten 10.17.2012 blog

The presidential debates last night were excellent! I was so impressed by Candy Crowley, the first female moderator for a presidential debate in twenty years! Here are some issues that were discussed and that are important to me but I have not addressed in my posts so far:

The second question regarding energy efficiency was rather heated! Governor Romney discussed how electricity prices and gas prices have escalated during President Obama?s term, insinuating that his policy was inefficient. Obama discussed his energy strategy for the future: increase oil and natural gas production, increase standards for fuel efficiencies on cars (more gas for your dollar!), and ?control our own economic future,? by going after natural gas sources, eventually creating a multitude of American jobs. Additionally, Obama added that under his term oil imports have been the lowest they have been in the past sixteen years — meaning still more American jobs!

Toward the middle of the debate, an interesting question was asked: How does Governor Romney differentiate himself from President Bush? Romney explain that his motive as president would be to champion small businesses by keeping taxes low and increase Latin American trade. However, Obama noted that Romney is socially more conservative than President Bush. For example, Romney plans on turning Medicare into a voucher system and eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood.

Finally, the candidates discussed what to do with immigrants without a green card that currently who live in the U.S. as productive citizens? Both candidates welcome immigrants, however Romney states he won?t grant amnesty to those who come in illegally and he supports a legal employment verification system. However, illegal immigrants? children could have a pathway to American citizenship. Obama believes in granting amnesty to those who meet particular qualifications including a high school education or serving in the military.

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