Team OneVote: Elliot Smith

By Tonka Dobreva 09.01.2016 blog

Meet Elliot Smith, an 18- year-old Democrat from Des Moines, Iowa. Elliot uses his free time getting as involved in politics as possible. When he’s not writing for The Des Moines Register about racial discrimination, Elliot volunteers for the gun safety group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, as well as One Iowa, an LGBT advocate group. Talk about a passion for the biggest discussions in America right now! He’s an active member of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Iowa, where he mobilized youth for the Presidential candidate and acted as a leader at the precinct caucus.

Elliot was previously featured on Channel One News for an Iowa caucus story, and now he’s ready to get back at it as part of Team OneVote. He wants to use his unique perspective to show people why he believes that Hillary Clinton should be the next president.


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  1. Iman

    Trump is brash, and i do not like that. i like Hillary better because she is a calm, respectful candidate

  2. John

    Your a loser.. only a fool would vote for Hillary Clinton.. weird pervert vote trump make American great again to worse

  3. Yvette

    I think that we should have the right to have there own vote and opinion.

  4. Jordan Lorraine Mathison-Delt

    Vote for Trump

  5. Juan

    TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!!!!!!!!!

  6. gabrie


  7. Jose

    GO CLINTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Heather


  9. Alex

    I honestly love you and everything about you. Keep up the good work you really are the greatest of all time and you deserve Hillary for president. Please reply to me because that would make my day, week, month, and year for you to reply. I´d love it if you and me met in real life some day because we´d make young minds help convince the older ones to vote for the right choice, Hillary. I really do feel like you choosing your heart and becoming a man was a good choice for you and I support you. TTYL hopefully, bye!

  10. Jordan

    Your amazing! I may not be transgender, but I am gay. I know how hard that can be and that yours is a whole different ball game. Please keep doing what your doing, people like you made me feel excepted and i know I’m not the only one that feels that way.

  11. |-/

    you’re really cool,,✨

  12. hop shields

    i think hillary should win because she is a woman

    • Heather

      Boi. The door

  13. Alex

    Ur The GOAT Elliot

    • Jose


    • Janeen

      I like Hillary because she makes more sense then Donald Trump.

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