Team OneVote: I Voted!

By Karolyn Eilersten 10.25.2012 blog

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for following my posts. As many of you know, the Channel One mock election began on Monday. For those of you who won?t be eligible to vote in the ?real election,? this is a great opportunity for you to become aware of why voting is so important.

It is a true privilege to have an opportunity to select our country?s leader. You may think: ?I?m just one person. Does my vote really matter?? Your vote will probably not be the ?swing vote,? but just imagine if everyone thought that voting didn?t matter.

Consider the issues that are important to you. Research the candidates? position and decide which leader you feel would be great for America. For those of you who aren?t eighteen encourage your family members and friends to vote. Discuss politics with your family and school community. It is so important to hear different perspectives!

Remember, you are never too young to write to your local congressmen and you are never too young to make a difference. May the best candidate be named our 2012-2016 President!

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