Team OneVote: Kai Sherwin

By Tonka Dobreva 09.01.2016 blog

Kai Sherwin is an avid writer and entrepreneur. When he isn’t blogging for The Huffington Post, Kai is a regular contributor for his school newspaper (where he is the editor-in-chief) and for the Greenwich Free Press, his town newspaper. He has written over 50 articles for, a now-defunct financial literacy website for young adults. He received first place in an essay contest at Yale University and has been a winner/finalist in several other contests. He is published in three national literary magazines and anthologies. Overall, he loves to write about anything related to finance, technology, the environment and political correctness.

In the political arena, Kai’s important issues are terrorism, immigration and equality. He finds that his views in these areas closely align with his Democratic Party’s nominee Hillary Clinton. Kai is also the co-founder of an aerial drone company that specializes in real estate photography and cinematography.


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  1. Ana tinoco

    I think that it is good that y’all are being respectfull and apresheateing cliton because I think she will be a great president and I think she will be the next big thing

  2. Amanda carrasco

    I think Clinton would be president not trump he is not right to be president

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