Team OneVote: Malcolm Rakshan

By Tonka Dobreva 09.01.2016 blog

Eighteen-year-old Malcolm Rakshan makes it his job to know as much about politics as he can – specifically foreign policy. His parents, who grew up in Iran, inspired Malcolm’s hardworking demeanor and helped ignite his passion for politics. He has actively participated in political campaigns on the local, state and national level.

When he’s not phone banking (making calls for campaigns) – you might find him at his public affairs group internship or working at an immigration law office in New Jersey. Malcolm uses his knowledge and experience to formulate his own opinions, and he let his political voice be heard by writing for his school’s newspaper as well as being interviewed by the town’s local newspaper, the Bergen Record. While he participates in community service with Habitat for Humanity and Center for Food Action, Malcolm stays on top of the political stories to stay knowledgeable and articulate in political discussions.

Although he doesn’t agree with his Republican Party’s nominee on every issue, he supports Donald Trump. In the fall, he’s heading to the University of Southern California.


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  1. Autumn Peck

    I think Donald Trump is better because he’s getting rid of NAFTA, bringing back jobs,bringing back law and order, cutting taxes, strengthening our military,and controlling the border. I think Hillary is just a liar and we can’t trust her.

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