Team OneVote: Phillip Godin

By Tonka Dobreva 09.01.2016 blog

Fourteen-year-old Phillip Godin not only cares about politics, he tries to make a difference in the field. He writes personal letters to politicians, including Mitt Romney when he officially exited the 2012 presidential race. Phillip also wrote a letter to the governor of Michigan asking for a change in the criminal justice system, and that led to a representative from the political office inviting Phillip and his family to spend the day at the Capitol.

While the criminal justice system is an issue Phillip cares deeply about, it certainly isn’t the only one. He supports the rights of Americans to buy and carry guns, he wants more widespread discussion on immigration, and he thinks that his presidential choice, Donald Trump, will protect our borders from foreign threats.

When Phillip isn’t looking after Clyde (his mini horse) and the other animals on his farm, he expresses his support for Donald Trump on social media. His strong stances will inspire great discussion with Team OneVote.


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  1. Brycen

    What are your thoughts on the video realeased about Trump and girls. Americans are wanting him to drop out of the elections. Even in his own party.

  2. Jose


    • izzy

      no team trump

  3. theresa

    Trump should win and Clinton shouldn’t I like Trump now

  4. breana

    why him or her i say we all just vote one and then impeach one of them because truly none of them deserve it Trump says he started of will a small loan one million dollars is not a small amount hillary is just going to lisen to her husband so really none of them deserve it.

  5. Emily

    vote Donald Trump, yee-yee.

    • breana

      no i disagree why would you vote for him or even hillary they are both going to drag us down

  6. paxton

    i would vote for donald trump becase he is a great person

  7. hunter

    make America great again yee-yee

  8. vito corsere

    I will chose trump

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