Team OneVote: The Debates

By Kailyn Allen 10.02.2012 blog

The debate series WILL determine the election. That is why it is crucial for Governor Romney to accomplish four things:

1) CLEAR UP THE 47% REMARK! For the first time since his remark became public, Governor Romney will have a national audience. Listening to the full context of his comment, what he was trying to say was not bad, but the way that it was perceived certainly was. Governor Romney must own up to his remark and clear up what he meant by it. This remark had a huge negative impact in the polls and if Governor Romney wants to win, he must clear up this remark to the American people. He should not apologize or back away from it hoping that the American people forget, rather he must be straightforward and honest. The American people value honest and straightforward leaders. Also, I think that the majority of the American people would agree that entitlements such as food stamps and welfare have gotten out of hand under the Obama administration and that half the country not paying federal income taxes is unacceptable. If Governor Romney can discuss this sensitive subject in a more articulate way, I think that most Americans will agree with him.

2) Attack Obama. Seriously. President Obama is being extremely aggressive and unfair in his attacks against Governor Romney. Governor Romney’s campaign is taking too timid of an approach in attacking President Obama. In a perfect world, both candidates could get along and there would be peace. This is not a perfect world. Governor Romney must respectfully and strategically attack President Obama’s record. I understand that Governor Romney is an extremely kind person, but he needs to be tougher on President Obama.

3) Distinguish two clear paths for America. Governor Romney is a proven businessman with a plan to bring success, innovation, and business to America. President Obama has yielded a stagnant economy. President Obama wants to bring the top down to bring the bottom up (redistribution of wealth). The problem with his philosophy is that A) You simply cannot bring the bottom up by bringing the top down and B) We should be trying to bring everyone up! Governor Romney must remind us of American exceptionalism and that he will not apologize for success. He must tell us his plan to bring EVERYONE in America up. Governor Romney must distinguish two clear paths: a stagnant economy and mediocre country under President Obama or an thriving economy and exceptional country with a Romney presidency.

4) Clear up misconceptions. Due to President Obama’s deceitful advertisements, many Americans have misconceptions about Governor Romney such as details about his business experience and what he accomplished as Governor of Massachusetts. Now that Governor Romney has a national audience, he must clear up these misconceptions and show the American people that he has the experience necessary to get our country back on track.

Let me know what you all think about the debates in the comments!


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