Tech Meets Fashion

By Tonka Dobreva 10.10.2014 blog

Are you ready for technology that you can wear?

Companies like Google, Apple and Intel definitely think so. They’ve been teaming up with some of the biggest names in fashion to make wearable technology the next big thing.


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This year at New York’s Fashion Week, one of the hottest accessories was a bracelet covered in gems designed by Opening Ceremony. Beyond just being an awesome piece of jewelry though, the MICA bracelet was engineered by Intel to operate independently from your smartphone, meaning that you can leave your phone at home and still send texts and get alerts.

Now Ralph Lauren has decided to take the fashion tech trend one step further with a shirt that wirelessly syncs workouts to your phone. There are special threads in the fabric that pick up on changes in your heart rate and breathing. All that information is then sent to an app on your trusty smartphone.

Popular exercise tracker FitBit also got a stylish makeover from famous designer Tory Burch, and fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg recently worked with Google to give its Glass an edgier look.

Do you think wearable fashion technology is the next big thing? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Nadia


  2. emily123

    SO COOL! I really want one of those!!!

  3. emily123

    This is so cool! it will definitely be the next big thing! I will probably get one myself!!!

  4. hayward eady

    can u please send me one of these for free

  5. Ta'Nya

    i think it would because say if your in a meeting and and if you get a email. You will not be able to read it but if you have a tech watch you could

  6. meh

    wearable technology sounds awesome and i kinda want one ~ meh (Daisy)

  7. Carson

    Wow that’s awesome it’s like a mini iPhone on your wrist!!!!

  8. Nick3301

    And by the way kids should have it too especially the ones that don’t have smart phone!! I wish I would get it because I am 9 and I don’t have phone. it is floating in the water!!!

  9. Nick3301

    Yes! This is the next big thing! It is like a small iPhone only with some apps: email, clock, and notes. Everybody say YES IT IS THE NEXT BIG THING!!!

  10. michael

    i what to have some of this stuff it is so coool

  11. Robert

    I really do not think this will be the next big thing. With everybody and their smartphones, I really doubt people would want to spend money on smartwatches and tech clothing. Smart-wear would not be very appealing to people unless smart-wear will enable them to do something they normally would not be able to do.

    • ChanneloneRocks2002

      What if some one does not have that stuff

  12. Tameka green

    Yes love the idea wear it

  13. Savannah

    What a neat way for technology to come out into the fashion world.

  14. Aiden

    Being an Apple employee technology is the new future. Being more organized and more prepared for things in life that we need to be prepared for is what we need to embrace ourself for. A new future.

  15. Ashley Lynn Garner

    I think it is the next big thing b/c it might not be as hard to lose it.

  16. Jordanstevens

    Yes it is smaller than a phone but it is still a distraction we don’t need more people dying from distracted driving .

    • Jordanstevens

      Lunenburg middle school va

    • Robert

      I completely agree.

  17. i got swag

    i think we should have technology watches because we can not get in trouble at school for playing on them

  18. Taylor Stricker

    This is the Chiz its Lagit its the NBT!

    Go STA

  19. Tierney Macon-Anderson

    I believe Wearable technology is a great Idea! -Tierney M.,Colonial Middle

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