Tech Trend: Apps for the Apple Watch, Part 2

By Monica Burns 12.06.2015 blog

Earlier this year I shared a selection of apps for the Apple Watch. As this wearable technology has grown in popularity the number of noteworthy apps has skyrocketed, and we’ve expanded this into a series of posts on Apple Watch apps that make teachers’ lives easier. Here is Part 2. You can view the first collection here.

Fit Brains Trainer by Rosetta Stone Canada Inc.
Fit Brains Trainer helps users increase brain fitness. The app includes games and activities that adapt as users spend more time working through exercises, including three games that are Apple Watch–friendly. These games help users strengthen their memory, concentration and speed.

NOAA Radar Pro – Severe Weather Alerts, Forecast & Hurricane Tracker by Apalon Apps
This powerful iOS app sends notifications to your wrist. Users can glance for weather updates and swipe their screen for extra information. NOAA Radar Pro also sends alerts for severe weather events.

PlayKids – Early Learning Books, Preschool Shows, Educational Games for Toddlers by Movile Internet Movel S.A.
Although this app is designed for use with preschool students its a great example of the potential for wearable technology. The Apple Watch integration for this app includes the ability to send messages within the app to young learners. It also lets users check in on how often youngsters are using the app on their own device to measure their screen time.

PCalc – The Best Calculator
Unlike the iPhone or iPad, the Apple Watch doesn’t come with a built-in calculator. PCalc is an iOS calculator with Apple Watch integration. Users can pull up the calculator on their wrist for quick computation on the go.

Just Press Record: Voice and Audio Recorder with Automatic Sync
Many people use voice reminders on their phone for quick lists or to organize ideas. Just Press Record uses the microphone capability of the Apple Watch. Users can lift their wrist and add a voice note by talking into the Apple Watch.

Evernote on the Apple Watch also lets users record voice memos. This popular tool is used by teachers and students on mobile devices and web browsers. This app also allows you to do a voice search to find and open notes that were created on other devices, as well as keeping to-do lists and setting reminders.

This bookmarking app for teachers is available on the Apple Watch. Users can swipe through their own bookmarks of favorite sites and resources. This app also lets users view bookmarks of people they follow and leave comments.

Have you explored the apps on the Apple Watch? Share your favorites in the comments below.

Monica Burns is an EdTech & Curriculum Consultant and Apple Distinguished Educator. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.


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