The Amazon Rainforest: Where Bugs Go to Party

By Maggie Rulli 04.22.2014 blog

There were creepy crawling things all up over the Amazon Rainforest. On our first night, we ate dinner with a group of scientists doing research at the facility where we were staying. They were all sharing stories about the crazy insects/animals/plants/snakes/monkeys/you name it that they had come into contact with that day, when one of the scientists rolled up his sleeve and showed us his Bot Fly bite.

Now, this being my first time in a rainforst, I had no idea what a Bot Fly bite was. Apparently, this fly bites its victims (in this case, the scientist) and lays its larvae in their bodies. This scientist had fly larvae IN HIS ARM and was sitting next to me at the dinner table! And get this – it turns out that practically every scientist at the table had had a Bot Fly bite at some point in their stay. Eek central.

The group then warned us about making sure to knock out our boots upside down EVERY SINGLE TIME we put them on, just to make sure no poisonous spiders had snuck their way in. Eek factor doubles.

Then right after dinner, I’m walking back to our cabin in the pitch dark and step right next to THIS THING! (See the photo). An Amazonian cricket that was the size of my face. Now I had reached Eek overload.

The rest of the trip I wore long sleeves, long pants tucked into my socks and three layers of insect repellant. My fashion game might have been severely off…but I survived The Amazon with only a few mosquito bites. So I’m calling it a win.

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