The Big Game

By Jessica Kumari 01.31.2013 blog

The Super Bowl is the most watched television event every year. Last year, more than half of the US population – 163 million people – watched at least part of the game.

This year’s game is also expected to reach a record audience.

It’s not just a national event. People from all over the world tune in. And thanks to the same technology used to pass along classified information, Americans serving abroad can also watch the San Francisco 49ers take on the Baltimore Ravens.

For those who are not the biggest football fans (i.e. me, unless I’m watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers), the commercials and halftime show are when I pay attention. They’re like mini movies – and at 3.5 million dollars for a 30 second spot – they should be! Some of my faves of years past? Betty White playing football in a Snickers ad, the Pug Attack for Doritos and every Pepsi commercial that involves dancing and singing. BusinessWeek lists the most viral Super Bowl ads of all time. So, do these deserve to be on the list? What are your favorites from years past or this year? I’ll definitely be watching this Sunday and update the post!

Until then – Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


  1. Emily B.

    My favorite commercial was the Subaru golden retriever dog family.

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