The Florida 50

By Shelby Holliday 01.31.2012 blog

Florida’s primary is underway. And if you watched today’s show (the pics on this post are from the shoot — shout out to South Miami Senior!), you know it’s a big one. So why is there so much hype?

First and foremost, Florida’s 50 delegates are up for grabs. Since it’s a “winner takes all” contest, that means the winner of Florida will be the automatic “frontrunner” heading into February. (Right now, Romney is in the lead with just 35 delegates. Gingrich has 25, Santorum has 14, and Paul has 4).
Secondly, Florida’s primary is closed, meaning only registered Republicans can vote. For that reason, many analysts say that today’s contest will give the GOP a better indication of which candidate is favored by voters in their own party.
Third, Florida’s primary is the most diverse to date. There are more Hispanics, more Jewish people, and more retirees hitting the polls, so the candidates have to appeal to a wide base of voters in order to win the Sunshine State.
Finally, while Florida’s 50 delegates will be a huge victory for whoever comes out on top, the biggest prize could be momentum…with seven states holding primaries in February, today’s race could give a crucial boost to any campaign. To keep up with our coverage, check out our One Vote Facebook and Twitter pages!

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