The Jonas Brothers Make an Impact

By Maddie Sewani 06.25.2013 blog

Guess who dropped by the studio last week? The Jonas Brothers!

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas talked to us about their upcoming album and summer 2013 US tour. They also reflected upon challenges they faced on their journey to stardom, their growth “as musicians and as men” over their three-and-a-half year hiatus and their philanthropic work with diabetes awareness, Special Olympics and volunteerism through the Jonas Brothers Change for the Children Foundation.

Tune in to Channel One in the fall for the full interview.

In the meantime, check out three tracks from the new record – “Pom Poms,” “First Time” and “Neon” – a slideshow of pictures, and a hilarious post-interview vine below!


Tracks from the Jo-Bros’ Upcoming Album


Shots from the Studio


View the original vine, “Taping,” posted by Nick Jonas, here.


  1. maria-santana-polanco

    wow i haven,t seen nick kevin or joe jonas since camp rock 1 and 2 came out

    • 2013-9-26-Krista-

      Me either

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