The Latest on Syria

By M Emmerson 06.14.2013 blog

The conflict in Syria has been going on for 25 months, more than two years, and the Syrian rebels are putting up a fight to overtake President Bashar al-Assad. The international community has been keeping an eye on the conflict from both sides, particularly as allegations of the use of chemical weapons began to emerge.

On Thursday the White House announced that resources and military support will be sent to assist to the rebels. The announcement was made after information confirming that the Assad regime has used a nerve gas called Sarin in the fight against the rebels.

President Obama has previously said that the confirmation of the use of any chemical weapons would mean that the Assad administration had crossed a “red line” that would prompt swift assistance to the Syrian rebels from the United States.

The regime has gained ground in the fight, however, after overtooking the rebel-held town of Qusayr in Western Syria at the beginning of June.

President Obama has been hesitant to send American troops and high tech weapons to Syria until now because the rebels are inexperienced and they do not want the weapons to fall into the hands of any terrorist groups.


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