The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By 04.16.2014 blog

Every week of the Channel One News season, we choose music from a new band or artist to feature on the show. And each year, we host a competition between the bands we’ve played throughout the year to find out which musician or band is the Artist of the Year.

This year is no exception. Voting for the 2013-2014 season starts Sunday at midnight, and we’ll soon know which of the bands we’ve hosted this season reigns supreme.

So who will it be? Have you ever heard music on the show that had you racing to Spotify to hear more? Now’s your chance to prove your love in public by voting — early and often — in the 2014 Artist of the Year competition.

How, you ask? Click here, choose your fave and then vote, vote vote!

Have you voted? Tell us in the comments which artist gets you dancing, sets your heart on fire or that you just would really like to hear on the show one more time.



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