The One Percent

By Jessica Kumari 11.26.2011 blog

Hope you had a wonderful Turkey Day!

When I think of Thanksgiving, I immediately think of time off from work, going to my parent’s home in Clearwater, Florida, good food, shopping and lazing around watching TV.

Of course, my family takes time to officially be “thankful.” On Thursday night, we count our blessings about 5 minutes before we proceed to stuff ourselves silly. But this year is different. I feel more “grateful.” I think it’s because of the time I spent with “the 1%.”

No – not that 1 percent! I’m talking about the one percent of Americans who serve in the US military.

This past September, I traveled to Afghanistan to embed with marines from the 1/3 Bravo Company Platoon. Their deployments can last anywhere from 7 to 12 months. That can mean living in camps that don’t have hot water or bathrooms, being on call 24-hours a day and, of course, risking their lives. One Marine put it best when he said that he feels like he puts his life on hold while everyone’s lives back home continue to go on.

Yet they do it without complaining just so you and I can feel safe in our homes. Our country has been at war for more than 10 years now. You may or may not know anyone in the military. But I think it’s worth taking the time to feel happy about things we enjoy that those who are serving may be sacrificing – a hot shower, the ability to walk around without fear of being shot at or blown up, and time with your (sometimes annoying) family. It may be hard to do since right now there’s a lot of dissatisfaction in our country but you may as well try it. There’s even scientific proof that giving thanks is good for you!

Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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