The Sandy Diaries: Part 1

By Shelby Holliday 10.30.2012 blog

Editor’s Note: Channel One News is produced in New York, and many of our reporters, producers and staff members were caught up in the superstorm that hit the city Monday. Shelby Holliday lives in Manhattan and had her camera by her side throughout the experience.

Monday, October 29

9 a.m.: I walked to work because New York City’s mass transit system shut down Sunday night. The weather was still pretty temperate, but stores were closing and people were scrambling to buy food and water ahead of the storm. I snapped some pics of a quiet Times Square, an empty Fifth Avenue and a lonely Empire State Building.

Noon: Our producer Demetrius Pipkin and I headed to Battery Park to shoot stand-ups and film the rising waters. There were tons of news crews down there, and the skies were already looking a little scary.

3 p.m.: After finishing our piece for the show, we headed home to beat the storm. The worst was expected around 6 p.m., and cabs were already looking scarce.

8 p.m.: The power went out after a few hours of strong winds. Lower Manhattan was black.

Click here to see the photos.

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