The Story of Superstorm Sandy through Art

By Alex Honeysett 10.28.2013 blog

To mark the first anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, Shelby spoke to a group of teens in Brooklyn who are helping their communities recover in a different, but impactful, way. Since the storm hit, they’ve spent their extra hours brightening hard-hit neighborhoods by painting murals that tell the story of each community’s experience with the storm.

Check out their inspiring pieces in the slideshow below.


  1. jas abug

    p.s happy vetrensday

  2. jas abug

    cool panting but sad story

  3. Hannah-MIddleton

    I love this idea. I love drawing and when i can’t express myself through words, then my next thing is art. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. And it’s true. Some people have an easier time expressing themselves through the arts like painting or music than words. And sometimes that’s the only way they can.
    Having this is a way to remind people what happened and how far they have come from there.

  4. alyssa

    that is really inspiring it is beatisul, it also makes me want to help people in my community and around the nation

  5. jenifer -cooke

    i love this art work it is so awesome thanks people so cool!!!!!!!

  6. kayla

    that is really nice

  7. angie-hernandez

    it is so pretty i wish i could draw like that!!!!!!!!1

  8. Heon-Kim

    These paintings are very inspiring to people that are seeing this. Also this is very cool.

  9. Brianna

    It is great to see people expressing themselves in a way that others can relate. It is not easy to recover from a tragedy such as a natural disaster, but you will all make it through it. Keep your spirits high.

  10. charlie

    I think it is really showing how much we care about each other

  11. Brittany-Saylor

    I think that it’s a great way to express opinions on how they feel about Hurricane Sandy

  12. Carlos Burnes

    This is very col and creative. What a great way for them to express themselves!

  13. chasmine

    i think it is good because their art will remind them of how the storm was back then and after the storm damage is done their wishes will come true

  14. Katie Wall

    I love this art it is so inspiring.

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