This Week’s Big Buzz

By Chad Phillips 06.24.2013 blog

The Channel One Newsroom has been buzzing! Here are some of the latest headlines:

Nik Wallenda is not afraid of heights!

On Sunday, Nik Wallenda, a high-wire walker, completed a historic stunt in front of an international audience. Wallenda kept his balance while walking across the Grand Canyon on a 2-inch steel cable. His journey, which was 1,500 feet above the ground, took 22 minutes and 54 seconds and was a distance of 1,400 feet. In 2012 he made history with his 1,800 foot walk across the Niagara Gorge. What do you think is next for Wallenda?

The Supreme Court didn’t want to hear it

On Monday, the Supreme Court avoided ruling on the controversial issue of affirmative action in school admissions. Instead, they sent the case Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin back to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The court argued and reached a seven to one opinion that the lower court used incorrect standards when evaluating the admission policies set forth by the University of Texas at Austin. The case comes to the Supreme Court after Abigail Fisher, a white woman, filed suit against the school following her admissions denial in 2008. Fisher is arguing that the university’s consideration of race did not meet previous standards that had been set by the Supreme Court.

Flood recovery

Thousands of Canadian residents were allowed to return to their homes this weekend after extensive flooding caused them to evacuate last week. The town of High River, south of Calgary, experienced most of flooding when the Elbow and Bow rivers poured over their banks. The Saddledome hockey arena, home to the Calgary Flames, experienced flooding inside the locker rooms and several rows of seats were damaged. Cleanup is now underway, although some residents are still not able to re-enter their neighborhoods.

Will they let it slip away?

The Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins will play Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight in Boston. With having won back-to-back games, the Blackhawks are looking to take the series tonight if they can beat the Bruins on their own home ice. If statistics have anything to say about it, it is looking like it is going to be a great game. In 2010 the Blackhawks beat the Philadelphia Flyers on the road in Game 6 to win the Cup. However, in 2012 the Bruins held their ground at home when the Vancouver Canucks had a chance to end it. Who will you be rooting for tonight? Let us know!

Directionally challenged  

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their first child, a baby girl, on Saturday June 15. North West will join the list of celebrity baby names that have made headlines lately. Just last year Beyonce and Jay-Z named their baby Blue Ivy and not too long before that baby Suri was born to Katie Holms and Tom Cruise. What are your thoughts on the name Kim and Kanye chose?


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