This Week’s Play

By Kristen Brody 10.05.2011 blog

So, you wanna be on Play of the Week?

One of my favorite duties here at Channel One is picking the Play of the Week. Every Sunday, I look through the many submissions, and find a clip worthy of the title. A lot of people ask us how to get their play featured on the show…and for them…it’s their lucky day!

I’m here to reveal five tips for getting selected for Play of the Week.

1. Strive for a 30-second clip. We want to see the play with enough context to grasp what’s going on.

2. Good video quality. The less blurry, the better.

3. Leave the sound. We enjoy hearing if you’re at the golf course, the gymnasium, wherever.

4. Make sure you offer as much information as possible when uploading your clip. This means your name, age, location, school and what’s happening in the play.

5. We get a lot of plays — so, think of a way to make your clip stand out from the rest. What’s something you haven’t already seen on the show? Please make sure it’s a safe play, though, because we’re not going to air anything that looks dangerous.

I can’t wait to see the fantastic plays you guys are going to send me!

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