To Vax or Not?

By Cari Jackson 03.31.2014 blog

Getting sick is never fun. So when you have a chance to not get sick (wash those hands!), most of the time, you take it.

But a new outbreak of a once rare illness is raising questions about how, collectively, people prevent some diseases that can usually be prevented by a vaccine. An outbreak of measles in California is believed to have been caused by a student at UC Berkeley who wasn’t vaccinated against it. And Ohio is dealing with a Mumps outbreak linked to Ohio State University in Columbus.

Some doctors believe a trend called “anti-vaxing” – the belief that vaccinations are toxic and can cause things like autism – is to blame. This, even though there is no scientific evidence for the belief.

That’s why in many states, it’s the law to have been vaccinated before you can attend school, even though parents can often obtain a waiver. But what do you think? Should vaccinations be required for students attending school? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think, then leave a comment telling us why.


  1. Ryan nail

    Isn’t it the child’s and the parents right to choose if the child should be vaccinated? Think about it- the only person getting sick is the child. If they get influenza, they chose not to get the vaccine. If you received the vaccine, then I guess you have nothing to worry about. If parents deiced they are willing to take that risk, allow them to

  2. Anudeep

    Healthy students should get vaccinated. That is how you actually get healthy.

  3. tatyana


  4. Aniya

    Yes everyone should get it to even though you think you are healthy still get it to make sure you don’t get it that disease.

  5. Jason

    Yes, I believe people should get the vaccine even though they are healthy. Because if they don’t they will end up spreading it the to others in the country. So if I was you, I would go to the closest hospital near you to get all the vaccines that you need.

  6. Charly Lynch

    People can die

  7. Alejandro

    i said yes because my brother got the measles and people need to take them

  8. Elvira

    It helps so then others dont get sick and stay healthy.

  9. Adriana Lopez

    Students should always stay healthy

  10. Joiyeuse

    I think that healthy students should get vaccinations because if they get sick, they will spread the disease to other people and people will start dying.

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