Toe-tally Awesome?!

By ch1c0nta@ctus 05.13.2011 blog

By Karen Knapstein

Let’s face it — public bathrooms are usually gross.

And when you spend most of your day in a public place, like school, doing little dances to avoid touching anything while simultaneously hanging on to all of your stuff is not fun. That’s why we’re pretty psyched about The Toepener — a self-described “hands-free foot door opening solution.” It’s basically a little foot stop that attaches to the bottom of a door, allowing you to use your shoe to open the door instead of being forced to touch a potentially disgusting door handle.

One drawback? It’s almost $50 — however, it’s not really the kind of thing you’re going to install at home anyway and we can think of a few gas station owners who might want to make the investment. But what do you think?

Vote in the poll and tell us if The Toepener is the Next Big Thing!

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