Tom Shares Photos of His Summer Travel Adventures

By Tom Hanson 08.21.2016 blog

While most of you guys were enjoying some much needed R&R over the summer months, we were hard at work developing stories to bring to you over the next school year. Yep – you read that correctly; despite being off the air, summers are actually when most of us at Channel One are the busiest.

A major highlight of my summer was when I embarked on a trip to the Baltic Region to cover military exercises with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). From watching Howitzers fire off rounds that traveled at five football fields per second, to flying full-speed in a Medevac Chopper, I got an up-close and rare glimpse at the military might of NATO. I can’t wait to bring that story to you guys later this year.

Aside from work, I went on a road trip through Southern Iceland. There’s no possible way for me to convey how stunning Iceland is – but some of my pics did it justice (I hope). Check them out below in the slideshow below.

And of course, to see more from my summer, head to my Instagram page @thomasrhanson.

Visiting the Gullfoss Waterfall in Southern Iceland.

The Strokkur Geyser is one of Iceland’s most active. About every five minutes, it sprays water 50 to 60 feet in the air.

Diamond Beach is a black sand beach on the South-Eastern Coast of Iceland. Chunks of glacier wash ashore.

Diamond Beach is a black sand beach on the South-Eastern Coast of Iceland. Chunks of glacier wash ashore.

A close-up of the ice on Diamond Beach. The dark spots are from the black sand – made of volcanic rocks and minerals.

Checking out an American-run Howitzer in Lithuania. We had the opportunity to watch NATO military exercises in August of 2016.

We found these warning signs along the Russian/Estonian border forbidding us to go any further.

A view from our Medevac Chopper. This would be the aircraft used to rescue injured soldiers on the battlefield.



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