Video: Republican Debate Recap

By Alex Kwan 09.18.2015 blog

The top Republican candidates in the race for the White House faced off in a heated debate, addressing where they stand on important issues.


  1. isavirsweezy

    i agree to because who would want to let bad people to come into America then go back to home state to give there home state all of information because of what drones we have to hack just like what have happened in 9-11.

  2. Kaitlin

    I don’t know how to feel about the candidates with no government history doing better than those who do. This could be disastrous in the end.

  3. Brittani

    I still wanted to hear what the other four candidates debated about, the video should of included their debates!

  4. Gage Sanders

    I am interested to hear what those 4 candidates had debated about.

  5. Grace

    Yes it is the next big thing because it can be very helpful if you spill something on your clothes!!!!!!!

  6. Jr1114

    Also what is the recipe

  7. madison

    I really don’t know what to think about this but I think I think it is cool

  8. Noeleoni Nguyen

    I agree that Donald Trump did go to far with the comment of a mexican wife because it doesn’t matter about race it matters about the world!

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