Traveling to Tacloban

By Shelby Holliday 11.12.2013 blog

After almost 24 hours of flying commercial, we are now waiting to board a military plane from Manila to Tacloban. According to reports I am just now reading, the situation has declined dramatically since we left New York. It is hard to imagine the kind of devastation that lies ahead.

Food, water, and medical supplies are crucial, but relief workers and media are struggling to get to the hard hit areas. (The plane we are waiting to board was supposed to leave at 8am, and it is now almost 3pm.)

On a much brighter note, a plane full of survivors just landed here,  and it was pure joy to see so many little kids arriving safely. One little girl in a cowboy hat was cheering all the way down the tarmac. I have a feeling she has a very bright future ahead of her.

We will likely be without power or internet until we arrive back in Manila, but I will update again as soon as possible.


  1. shaner-heheh

    I want the us to help these people to… we need to give them food and water!

  2. jacob wuwert

    i Hope these people survive after this horrible typhoon/Hurricane and that the US can help these people still survive

  3. Brianna Lende

    Have a safe trip and do you think you could search for my grandpa, grandma and uncle

  4. kaylin mullins

    i think that we should help them, because if that happened to my country, i would want alot of help from anyone, even from our enemies!!!!!!!!!

  5. yasmin olivera

    hope those people feel better and hope they get everything they need ^.^

  6. Malvin John

    God will keep your country safe if you all will believe and trust in Him..

    • Kyle Wells

      That is the truth. God has everything under control, he makes everything happen for a reason.So just trust in him and he will get you through it.

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