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By Chad Phillips 07.01.2013 blog

Channel One is on top of all the latest headlines! Here are the stories we think you need to know.

Guilty or not guilty? Only the jury can decide!

The trial of George Zimmerman is set to continue today after the first week of testimony wrapped up Friday. Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watch volunteer, is being tried for second-degree murder after claiming he fatally shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense. The all-female jury heard opening statements from the prosecution and defense, followed by testimony from key prosecution witnesses including police, first responders, neighbors and a friend of Martin’s. The Martin family could be seen growing emotional at times as they attended the proceedings throughout the week. The trial is expected to last well into July.

‘Hotshot’ firefighters killed in the line of duty

Nineteen members of an elite fire crew were killed Sunday afternoon while fighting a blaze in an Arizona forest. The firefighters were caught in the middle of flames when 45-mile-per-hour wind gusts shifted the direction of the fire. The fire started Friday due to a lightning strike and is said to have burned more than 8,000 acres and 200 homes. The tragedy is the deadliest wildfire involving firefighters in the U.S. in 80 years.

Cooking up some trouble

Paula Deen is in hot water after admitting she used racist remarks. The Food Network star, famous for her use of butter, was dropped like a hot potato–the cable network announced they would not renew her contract when it was up at the end of June. Deen has issued many apologies and has begged for forgiveness from the Food Network. Ballantine Books, the publisher of her new cookbook, has decided to cancel the release of the book this fall. Target has also decided to drop Deen and QVC has “paused” their relationship.


Serena Williams was eliminated from the Wimbledon tournament today after losing to Sabine Lisicki in the fourth round. Coming in as a favorite after winning the French Open, fans were shocked when she was defeated. Williams joins a list of key players who have been eliminated early in the tournament, including Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova and Rafael Nadal.

I Spy

Officials in Europe are accusing the United States of using “Cold War” tactics against its allies. A German magazine said it has documents that show U.S. spies bugged European Union offices. The magazine cited documents former NSA contractor Edward Snowden had taken. According to the report, the National Security Agency spied on EU offices in Washington, New York, and Brussels. European officials are demanding an explanation from the U.S.

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