Trombone Shorty Live

By Shelby Holliday 03.10.2013 blog

Going to a Trombone Shorty concert is like watching a musical triathlon. Not only does Troy Andrews (Trombone Shorty’s real name) jam for hours, but the man sings, dances, and plays MULTIPLE instruments throughout the show. If his music weren’t so “Supafunkrock-ing,” you’d get exhausted just watching.

My favorite part is watching Trombone Shorty hold one string of notes for almost two minutes straight, allowing the audience to witness a circular breathing miracle of sorts. I’m no expert, but I have been to three of Troy’s shows, and I know that his kind of talent is extremely rare in a world full of boy bands and pop stars. It’s a refreshing experience to see a true musician light up a huge venue like Terminal 5 in NYC.

But Troy isn’t just a superstar on stage…when we interviewed him at Tulane University this winter, we learned all about his philanthropic efforts. Giving back to the community that helped raise him, Troy started the “Trombone Shorty Music Academy” in New Orleans. By helping young musicians hone their skills on various instruments, Troy’s academy aims to pass the city’s rich music traditions on to future generations.

“It’s my responsibility to help the kids and make sure they don’t get caught up,” Troy told us. “Because music can be some people’s passport, and it’s been my passport to see the world. The kids that are here today are the ones who really want it and they’re going to take it further.”

Now that is what I call a real American idol.

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