Veterans Day Lesson Plan and Resources

By Annie Thornton 10.23.2017 blog

Help your students understand the significance of Veterans Day with Channel One News video “A Hero Comes Home,” the inspirational story of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills, as well as “Six-Word War Stories,” a project that invited veterans to summarize their military experience in six words. Use the corresponding lesson plan to help reinforce key ideas and higher-order thinking skills. Consider using this lesson plan, along with Channel One’s free lesson plan for Veteran’s Day featuring videos and slideshows about Women in the Military.

Watch: A Hero Comes Home

Discuss: Why was homecoming in Vassar, Michigan special this year? How would you describe Travis Mills? What part does Mills’ family play in his recovery?

Watch: Six-Word War Stories

Whole-Class Discussion

Why did two West Point graduates start the Six-Word War Stories project? What do you think the Six-Word War Stories project does for people who read the stories? What does the project do for the writers?

Writing Prompt: Six-Word War Story

Ask students to apply what they’ve learned and write a six-word war story about Travis Mills. You may wish to print out and distribute the story’s transcript to aid struggling students. Invite volunteers to share their responses with the class.

Lesson Extension

Have students read “Veterans Day” from Then, ask students to work together in small groups to create a timeline depicting the key events in the history of Veterans Day.

Student Reflection

Students write a reflection answering the following: How has Veterans Day changed since its inception nearly 100 years ago? Is it a holiday that’s still worth observing? Explain your thoughts.

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