Video: Maggie’s Experience as a Woman Reporter in Iran

By Tonka Dobreva 10.27.2015 blog

In this behind-the-scenes video commentary, Maggie talks about her experience as a woman reporting from Iran — a Muslim country with very specific laws about women. From choosing her outfits to learning how to wear the hijab, to interacting with men in public, Maggie shares her challenges as well as the things she learned.


  1. Caroline Stevens

    You know, I really think you look nice with a scarf around your head, and she looked awesome with a bike helmet, good fashion style girls! Keep it up

  2. Fiona.M

    hi Maggie rulli,
    my name is Fiona I am Just wanting to say high sooooooooooooo
    bye-bye I .guess

  3. Hayden W

    I think its cool that a girl rides a dirt bike. I never seen a girl ride a dirt bike before.

  4. Claude

    You are and always will be the best reporter ever and you’re also super pretty

  5. Teresa

    I like the video of Maggie in Iran it is fun to watch



  7. Baby hey

    It sounded so weird

  8. Julia

    Do you speak a whole lot of languages??

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