Vote: Are 4-D Movies the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 11.27.2016 blog

A night out at the movies used to mean filling up on overpriced, super-sized portions of soda, popcorn and candy, and settling in for a few hours of entertainment on the big screen. These days? Not so much. That is, the latest 4-D movie theater technology is about much more—it’s about creating an immersive cinematic experience for your senses.

When it rains in a 4-D film, you, the viewer, get wet. When there’s a high-speed chase, your seat takes you along for the ride too with bumps, rumbles and side-to-side action (think, Back To The Future-type ride at Universal Studios.) When a character on screen is pouring a cup of coffee or pulling fresh-baked bread out of the oven, you can smell it as if you’re right there in the kitchen with them. Wind, fog, snow, lightning—you name it. Everything in the state-of-the-art theater from special mechanical seats and ceilings, to fan-lined walls and valves that pump in various scents is designed to give you the ultimate movie-going experience.

Rather not have to bring your raincoat to the movies? You can turn the spritzing feature off. While some say 4-D theaters are a bit too pricey (about $30 per ticket) and too distracting from the plot, others see it as an exciting way to experience the latest blockbuster action.

How about you? Would you want to join in the adventures with your favorite stars of the silver screen? Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. Jonah :)

    yes they r and i would go spend all the money in the world to see one

  2. Jamarre walker

    yes because it gives u more experience of the things happening in the movie .

  3. Reagan C

    Amazing idea! I wanna feel like i’m inside the movie! Bring it on! 🙂

  4. Courtravia M (8-4)


  5. Courtravia M (8-4)

    No because I want to watch the movie in peace

  6. Tyler

    yes they are the next big thing

  7. joni roddey

    love this channel

  8. Donny @ Minecraft

    This better be completely out by 2017! This is SO cool

  9. kadance23

    #I’m in!!Save me a seat

  10. Sadie

    That is so cool, but I bet they cost more then normal movie’ if I had the money I would probably go see one.

  11. Kylie Robenson

    No, I just want popcorn

  12. Kylie Robenson

    Yes, hand me a ticket

  13. Kylie Robenson

    No, because this is a way for the government to make more money.

  14. Lillian H.

    These seats are going to be the Next Big Thing. When i first saw them i wanted to go on them. I am sure all of the other channel one watchers did too. Hopefully it will grow because, so far there is only 4 theaters that have the 4dx. I am hoping that these chairs will so go all around the world so, you can experience your own self in you favorite movie.

  15. Lillian

    I think the 4dx will be the next big thing. I can’t imagine going to a movie theater and sitting in a 4dx chair. This will be a awesome experience to many people, is like you are in the movie.

  16. Ritobruh

    Yes I think the the 4-D movies are the next big thing because it’s like live action and it feels like your in the movie.

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