Vote: Are Food Waste Bins the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 04.09.2017 blog


Unless you have a scrap-happy family dog waiting patiently for a post-dinner “treat” every night, many of us simply scrape what’s left on our plates after a meal into the kitchen trash can. Yep, the average American household produces 400 pounds of food waste per year. And all those scraps make up twenty percent of landfills. The good news? The new Zera™ Food Recycler is stepping in with a more sustainable solution.

It’s a sleek machine that blends into your kitchen, can hold up to a week’s worth of food at a time, and easily turns food scraps into rich, natural fertilizer for your garden in just 24 hours. And unlike traditional composting which can take months and a lot of physical maintenance, the Zera™ Food Recycler can also process meat and dairy.

First, you slide open the top, drop in an additive pack (made from coir and baking soda) that helps break down the scraps, and add your food waste.  Close the lid and press start to get the transforming process going, reducing food waste by over two-thirds its original volume. You can even do this remotely via their mobile app! The next day you slide out the bottom bucket and head outside with ready-to-use fertilizer that your lawn, veggie garden and potted plants will love. Would you go for this earth-friendly appliance?

Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!



    I think garbage waste cans are the next big thing!We do not need to waste food! Instead of buying plant fertilizer, we can make it. That is a saver of money!! LOL!!
    Lots of Love,
    Kaitlynn Castro

  2. samiya

    Waest food bin composed I did

  3. Samiya

    Yeah it’s the next big thing –

  4. Nevaeh

    You don’t have to waste food so that is way I think that is the next big thing

  5. Ella

    Yes, I think that the Food Waste Bins are the next big things, because it can save your money by not having to buy soil at the store. It can also help with wasting food, because the food is not being wasted it is being food for the plants.

  6. Mery

    I think that these fertilizers are the next big thing because they will improve are environment.

  7. MrsDouttfire

    The Zera Food Waste Bin is the Next Big Thing because it breaks down meat and dairy products, items which are not good for your compost bin/pile. It would reduce the amount of trash produced by a family since the process takes 24 hours, so a family could go from 3 or 4 bags of trash per week to maybe one or two bags, especially if they recycle plastic, metal and paper!

  8. Kumail

    Yes, because it is a great way of saving food and not wasting it.

  9. Kumail

    An amazing way of saving food

  10. lala

    I love it so much

  11. allison

    yes cause it saves the enviorement

  12. Rachel

    I think that the bin will be very helpful to our environment and the people living in it. With the new invention, a lot less of our food won’t be going to waste. It will help the future of our world look greener.

  13. triston


  14. Cheyenne Berry


  15. Cheyenne Berry

    Yes because the waste will grow more food.

  16. Hazel

    I think that the Zera trash bin is the next big thing because it helps eliminates the causes of global warming and gives back more space for agricultural planting! Also it makes sure that our quick sweepers (dogs) that they stay healthy and don’t eat rotten food or stuff that’s not good for them.

  17. Hailey H

    Yes because one day we will run out of room for trash at the lad fill so I think this is perfect

  18. Thomas

    I think it is the next big thing because it will help the community with growing Heathly food.

  19. Olivia

    Yes, I do believe that food waste bins are the next big thing because so many big and even small families waste so much food, and it is being disposed in landfills and filling up the earth with something we don’t need there.

  20. Trenton Mock

    Yes, I think the food waste bins are the next big thing because this will reduce landfills and will help reduce climate change.

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