Vote: Are Futuristic Notebooks the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 03.12.2017 blog


Paper: perhaps the single greatest invention ever for capturing human thoughts, feelings and creative inspiration. But in a world where everything from communication to education has become dependent on digital tools, does paper still have a role to play? The short answer is, absolutely. Companies around the world realize how powerful the physical pen-to-paper experience is for sparking innovation. They also realize that easily digitizing and sharing said hand-written notes and sketches is a must. Let’s take a look at some of the futuristic notebooks that are getting some worthwhile attention.

Smart Writing Set

Moleskine has been making classic cardboard and oilcloth-covered notebooks for two decades, but famous artists and writers from Vincent van Gogh to Ernest Hemingway have been using something similar to capture their creative genius for far longer. But the company is wisely changing with the modern times.

For $199, you can now get the Smart Writing Set, which includes a special Moleskine notebook, an iPad app, and a Bluetooth pen. The notebook’s paper is printed with tiny markers that are read by a camera in the Bluetooth pen, so as you write, the app automatically knows which page you’re on and conveniently copies everything onto your iPad so you have a digital version. Feeling inspired while you’re out and about without your iPad? It’ll back up whatever you’ve written or sketched when you get back.


No trees were harmed in the making of this paper-less device…but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of romantic paper charm. The reMarkable notebook has a cutting edge CANVAS display that combines E-ink Carta technology with ultra-thin high friction surface materials, providing a realistic paper feel, with benefits of a digital tablet. The accompanying marker—no battery or set-up required—provides incredible precision, responding to 2048 different levels of pressure mimicking ink on real paper.

You instantly get endless amounts of the “paper” of your choice, the device’s battery lasts for days, and the screen responds to sunlight to make sure you can use it anytime, anywhere. It costs $716 for the bundle of reMarkable device, marker and case, but for a limited time, it’s available for preorder at $429.

Mod Notebooks

No matter how paper-like a tablet may get, there will always be some who will simply never give up their physical, old-fashioned notebook. This iPad Mini-sized, thread bound design notebook comes in grey, black and red, and contains your choice of plain, dot-grid or lined paper. It opens flat from any page so you can spend more time on your ideas and less time struggling to keep it open!

When you’ve filled your notebook to your satisfaction, simply stick it in the pre-paid envelope tucked in the back cover and send it in for digitization. Within five days you’ll receive your digital files via the Mod Notebook app where you can share and store as you see fit. If you want to hang on to the notebook they’ll send it back to you. If not, they’ll recycle it. And you get all these services, shipping, the app and the notebook for just $25.

Would you use any of these futuristic notebooks? Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. Mckenzie shoafstall

    I think this will be the next big thing because it wont have social media on it so students wont get distractive and because I love to type but not handwrite so I also love drawing so I think it would be a great thing

  2. Flareon

    Futuristic Notebooks are the next big thing because you wouldn’t have to draw a picture on notebook paper and then copy that picture on your tablet, you could do both at the say time!

  3. Ava D.

    Yes, Because It Could Be Cool To Try Something New Instead Of Using The Same Average Thing

  4. Nicole

    I DON’T think its the next big thing because your better off getting a new ipad and just not downloading games. Its a waste of money. plus schools now adays are giving kids ipads JUST for school. so….

  5. Andrew Schwede

    i think it is the next big thing because it will save are trees

  6. Katrina

    I think that this notebook is the next big thing because my friends and I will never have to search for our study guides again and we are saving trees at the same time

  7. Katrina

    I think that these notebooks are the next big thing because my friends and I will never have to search for our study guides again and we are saving trees.

  8. melia

    I think this is the next big thing because it has a future for artist, engineers, and construction because you don’t just draw and hope you do not loose it it saves it on the tablet.

  9. Nevaeh Brown

    I think it will help students keep up with there notes. Kepping up with there notes will help students withthe big test at the end of the year. The reason is because a little over half of the student in the .U.S. will fail for losing there notes from the begining of the year. Most of student forget the thing from the begining of the year.
    That why i think Futuristic Notebooks are the NEXT BIG THING!

  10. Jill

    It’s an awesome idea but I’d like to stick to paper.

  11. SALLY

    I think that the teacher will be more confident and they will know that students won’t lose their notes. Get our tec-notes out!!!!

  12. Amber Cannady

    I think it is the next big thing because it is useful to people who like writing and people who don’t like typing!!

  13. Richard

    No they are not The Next big Thing is probably all electric cars.They reduce the carbon dioxide in the air within the next 80 years they will be very popular not electric notebooks.

  14. Nadia

    NEXT BIG THING!!!!!!!!

  15. Natalie weber

    i think its a bad idea, what if you lose it its probably very expensive but if you lose a regular note book than if you lose it you can buy another one for like $1.00.

  16. Matthew

    I honestly don’t think it’s the next big thing just seeing as how long it’s been out without much recognition and how often these polls think something is the next big thing when it isn’t.

  17. sanderreats

    these always blow my mind! It is totally the next big thing!

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