Vote: Is Dining in the Sky the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 01.29.2017 blog


Do you love going out to eat? How about up to eat? A unique restaurant concept has been doing just that for the past decade, taking diners to great heights—150 above the ground to be exact.

This ultimate open-air concept began in Belgium and has since spread to 40 countries. A 200-foot crane hoists a platform complete with sky chefs and seating for a couple dozen guests up into the air. It’s a fine dining experience featuring incredible views, and elevated menus with high-quality ingredients. At Dinner in the Sky in Vancouver, you can choose from two- to five-course packages starting at $296 for lunch. Want “The Ultimate Experience?” That VIP dinner will cost you $919.

A word of warning though. There’s no bathroom up there, so you’ll need to take care of business before you board the platform. But if you really “gotta go” during dinner, they can get you down to the ground in just one minute.

Needless to say, if you’ve got acrophobia—fear of heights—this might not be your idea of a good time. But if you like to live on the edge and are at least four foot three inches tall, you can take to the sky for beautiful scenery and fantastic food. Ready to grab your fork and fly high?

Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. James

    I think this is the next big thing because who would of thought having dinner in the sky!!!

  2. James

    I think this is the next big think because who would of thought we can eat in the sky!!!!!!

  3. Unicornie

    I think that this is the next big thing, because how many people would love to fly while eating? I sure would, and this is one of the closest things you can do.

  4. Davon

    next big thing

  5. Donovan Jenkins

    This is a cool fun and adventurous idea but I don’t think it will be the next big thing because many people are scared of heights. Also this is another expensive invention.

  6. JewJew Woodson

    I personally love food so I agree to a certain extent because it may not be as safe as it looks.
    and it depends on the weather and which way the wind blows.

  7. Matthew Mann

    No it would not be the next big thing because people are afraid of heights

  8. Penny Richards

    I think that this dangerous and nontraditional.

  9. Keilani Gaillard

    I do not think that dinning in the sky is the Next BIG Thing. Because people don’t have time to be jumping to get there silverware. What if it falls what you gonna do but Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  10. Isiah Brock

    Not it will not be the next big thing because its expensive and many people have a fear of heights. But perfect for white people they’re crazy anyway

  11. joshua culley

    yes i like being in the sky

  12. Ethan magana

    It is not the next big thing because how are you suppose to go to bathroom or get refil

  13. Sue

    Dining in the Sky is not the Next Big Thing because it is dangerous. Someone could be secured incorrectly, could fall off, and get hurt.

  14. Adara Bunn

    I say yes and no because if you drop your siverware you better be jumping to get it and yes because it would be an awesome experience

  15. Katie N.

    I think that dining in the sky isn’t the next big thing because of many people’s fears of heights, and the risk of dropping something expensive or at all.

  16. Emmi

    No, because to dine in the sky it costs a lot of money!! Also how do you go to the bathroom? And this would be scary for people afraid of heights!

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