Vote: Is Goat Yoga the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 04.30.2017 blog


Looking to spice up your exercise routine? Just take a quick scroll through your social media feed where you’ll find both friends and favorite celebrities alike capturing their experiences with the latest heart pumping trends. From spinning, surfing and swimming to running, rowing and rock climbing, there’s something for everyone. And these days you can even find fitness (and a little fun!) on the farm with goat yoga!

Yes, doing yoga with baby goats is a thing, and this cute kid craze is popping up across the country. People are rolling out their yoga maaats and downward dogging face-to-face with these sweet bearded beings. Attendees even let the goats walk up and balance on their backs. It’s just a little added joy to an otherwise average sweat session.

Would you get in shape with goats at your side?

Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. samuel harless

    Yes, it is cause gots will get people more active.

  2. lundy

    yes totally

  3. Kaylyn Whitlock

    I think goat yoga is the next big thing because it will be cute.

  4. keyaira

    I think it not the next big thing beause there not potty tran

  5. Jacob Day

    No because the goats will get crazy.

  6. Tristan Cates


  7. suhurrith adhikari

    I think it is the next big thing because when you do yoga, can’t you have a little fun while doing yoga and plus, you get to see adorable goats.Which is so cute, so goat me on.I’m ready.

  8. Allie cowden

    Goat yoga is the next big thing!!!!!

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