See the Results of the Vote for Top Next Big Thing of the Year!

By Tonka Dobreva 05.14.2017 blog


You guys voted and chose 4D movies to be the No. 1 Next Big Thing of the 2016-2017 school year!

Here’s how you ranked the rest:

2. Swimming with otters

3. Food waste bins

4. Bike wheel art

5. Pancake printers

Are you surprised by the ranking?



  1. Jose A. Sonic

    4d movies is the best big thing for our classroom, its going to be very exciting to watch this type of movies with your friends.

  2. Laila Roberts

    4D more like 4 sleep wouldn’t it be a bit boring.

  3. Faith kentch

    I chose swimming with otters because I believe if we all got to try something new such as swimming with otters , we would have a awesome time and less stress.

  4. Max H

    Swimming with otters because it’s a lot of fun

  5. David

    Food waste bin is the next big thing because it is great for environment and the world but it needs electricity.

  6. david ishimwe

    I think the 4d movies should be the next thing because they look fun and cool

  7. kaitlynn

    The pancake printer is the nextbigthnh because. It’s easy. If you have a picket kid

  8. SAT0204

    4D movies are a new way to enjoy theater adn interact with the movie it will make going to the movies more fun!!!!

  9. Julian Magallanes

    I think the 4D movies are the next big thing because it gives you an experience of being in the movie

  10. Lydia O'neill

    My cousin Ireland and I think the food waste bin is the best thing ever go gardens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  11. Tammie

    The 4-D movies sound amazing! Definitely the top Next Big Thing. They are fun, new, and different.

  12. Emily Tanner

    Swimming with otters because they are so gosh darn cute!

  13. Madeline

    The food waste bin is a nifty eco-friendly gadget that could become a household item that cuts down on landfills.

  14. Zach p

    I think that the food waste bin is the best because it is better for the environment and can help with landfill waste…

  15. Koy

    I think that wheel art is the #1 NEXT BIG THING. I think this because it give kids and adults a chance to express themselves in a fun and colorful way

  16. Anonymous

    I think food waste bins are the Next Big Thing because they can help save the environment. 4D movies are cool, but they have been out for a while so they are not the NEXT Big Thing.

  17. Jonathan Mcgaughy

    The 4D bike is really amazing and that was my favorite.

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