We Won Four Telly Awards!

By Alex Honeysett 06.18.2014 blog

We’re super excited to share that this year we were honored to win FOUR Telly Awards, which recognizes outstanding video and film productions and promotional content.

You guys remember Shelby’s six-part series about China, right? Where she and Demetrius traveled to the country and explained its rise as a global power and its relationship to the U.S.? That won a bronze statue!

Maggie’s Oil in the Amazon series, where she traveled to the middle of the rainforest to look at the price being paid for Ecuador’s two most valuable resources: the Amazon rainforest and the oil beneath it, also won a bronze statue.

Our two final bronze awards were for our Channel One News highlight reel, which you can check out here, and a public service announcement that we worked on with the FINRA Foundation about financial literacy.

Shelby, Maggie and Demetrius are pumped about their awards and grateful for your support. Tweet them congrats at @shelbyholliday, @maggierulli and @demetriuspipkin.

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