Web and Mobile Resources for Learning About the Common Core

By Monica Burns 03.02.2015 blog

As schools across the nation embrace Common Core State Standards, more resources are becoming available to educators. Teachers can access information on the standards, find answers to questions that parents might pose, and locate resources that will come in handy as they prepare lessons.


The organization behind the initiative, Core Standards offers standards searchable by grade level and category, making it easy for users to navigate. It includes supporting documents that show how the standards impact English Language Learners and how the standards apply to students with disabilities. Users can find FAQs, as well as a map that shows where the CCSS has been adopted. By clicking on individual states users can find resources specific to their area.


Designed to help teachers implement the Common Core Stated Standards, LearnZillion is a website that has tons of resources for both students and teachers. It includes lesson plans, video tutorials and extras for teachers that are organized by different standards. Users can find short videos to help students master English Language Arts or Math skills. These clips are perfect for small group instruction and helping students understand complex topics.

Common Core Standards Apps

Mastery Connect has a mobile app that is available for iOS, Android, and Windows users. Each app contains all of the standards as well as extra supporting documents. Instead of bringing up a webpage on a mobile device or flipping through a binder full of photocopies, teachers can open up this app on their smartphone or tablet. The app organizes all of the standards by subject and grade level. There is a search feature that lets users type in a keyword to look for a specific standard that connects to a particular skill. This feature is perfect for teachers who are new to the standards or are servicing a wide range of students.

State By State Apps

In addition to the Common Core Standards app, Mastery Connect has also developed apps that correspond to the standards in different states.  This is a great option for schools that have partially adopted the Common Core or have taken their own spin on the national standards.

Whether you are introducing the Common Core State Standards or are looking to strengthen your implementation, these resources can help you locate information and better understand expectations for student learning.

What are your favorite resources for the Common Core?


  1. Sophie Borta

    It’s just a disgrace that some states have to slow down their learning just so the other slow states can catch up. Also the No-Child-Left-Behind Program is pretty pathetic. It just upsets everyone. But the thing that makes me just really upset is that 8th graders are learning what 6th graders are learning and 6th grade is learning what 8th graders are supposed to learn. When politics and education collide, it’s just a big mess.

  2. Marissa Chavez

    We should not have to learn all these different common core standards because of simply what certain individuals think of what we should be doing, like saying we should have to do this and learn at this level and so on. Many students already have so much on their shoulders and they shouldn’t have to be worried about these tests, skills or whatever they should be doing! Everyone learns at a different pace.

  3. Taylor Lambie

    We should not have to learn common core standards because different people learn at a different pace and the common core standards are saying that kids have to be at this level in this grade which isn’t far to those kids who learn in different ways and different speeds.

  4. frankk1

    I do not think kids should be forced to do Common Core test at all! First of all there is too many, and second of all we aren’t learning anything by taking them. I did not take the common core test this year because even if I did take them, I would also have to take the OGTs (Ohio Graduation Test). How in this world do they think we can handle this?? We can’t! I think the Common Core officials should be put in the students shoes for a month and see how stressing it is!

  5. Cup o' Joe

    Common Core is not a smart idea. the idea was implimented as a way to track our nations education and ensure “no child is left behind”. It was a good idea at first but now every child is left behind because our country has the worst education in all developed countries. Common core is strongly in part to this ranking because it forces teachers to follow strict guidlines out of fear their schools could lose funding.

  6. Kate5283

    Some kids live where they do not have common core. If they ,move to a state with common core,then they would be confused or behind.I don’t think we should have common core.

  7. Lily McFadden

    I don’t like the idea of common core at all. Why are we copying other country’s for our learning system. It won’t make us any smarter it will just make the other country’s laugh at us cause were copying them.

  8. drakenpage

    are kids lessining to bad music ?

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