Weekly News Round-up: 10.10.14

By Alex Honeysett 10.10.2014 blog

This week, the education trades explored the best ways to approach parent-teacher conferences, how researchers and schools define “bullying,” survey results regarding common-core implementation across the country and how to launch a class Twitter account.

Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferencing
It’s that time of year! In this Edutopia blog, parent and transformational leadership coach Elena Aguilar provides five tips for making conferences “meaningful and rewarding for all.”

Researchers and Schools Diverge in Defining Bullying
As this Education Week article explains, one of the biggest challenges for schools and teachers trying put an end to bullying is defining the term bullying, since “researchers and educators say that major studies have relied on inconsistent definitions and methods of measuring its prevalence.”

Many Districts Lagging on Implementing Common Core, Survey Finds
The Center on Education Policy, which has been tracking how the common-core has been implemented in schools across the country, concluded in a recent survey that “the future of the common core remains uncertain at this important juncture.” Read more from Education Week to find out why.

6 Considerations When Launching a Class Twitter Account
Here at Channel One News, we love connecting with our community of students and teachers on Twitter. Edudemic offers six things to consider when launching an account for your classroom – once you do, be sure to say hi! We’re at @ChannelOneNews.

Using Graphic Organizers in the Social Studies Classroom
This week, our resident education blogger explored ways that graphic organizers can come in handy in the classroom.


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  2. #nobullying

    I think bullying is a big problem in the u.s. I think every student should sign something saying they wont bully or they will get kicked out of school for 3 days.

    • Isabella Chavez

      Yea or even the whole mlnth or year if its that bad!!!!!

    • Madison Kay

      I totally agree but the thing it is someone bully somebody they should get punished like having them be suspended for a while years a little bit too much but it just depends on the school and what they actually did I feel like that it’s completely 100 percent completely the child’s faul
      t just because of some things going on in their house that their parents should discipline them and not have them be a bully

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