Weekly News Round-up: 10.3.2014

By Alex Honeysett 10.03.2014 blog

In this week’s round-up, we’re highlighting tech-friendly classroom management strategies, several studies that explore the benefits of ‘deeper learning’ schools and how to create a bully-free environment in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month.

Benefits of ‘Deeper Learning’ Schools Highlighted in Studies
As this Education Week article explains, several reports have checked-in on the “deeper learning” movement to see how students are performing. The results? “On average, students at deeper learning schools had better test results and people skills.” Read on for more interesting findings from the studies.

Guide to Creating Tech-Friendly Classroom Management Strategies
Check out this guide from Edudemic on the best ways to invite your students to the “technology table.”

iPad Apps for Staying on Task
Courtesy of our resident education blogger, here’s a list of some of our favorite iPad apps for staying organized in the classroom. Tell us in the comments: what are your favorites?

How to Cultivate a Bully-Free Community
In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, check out this Edutopia article about ways to create a bully-free environment in the community.

Avoiding the Flop: 5 Questions to Guide Projects & Inquiry
Humanities teacher Joshua Block gives a few pointers on avoiding the post back-to-school flop that happens when teachers and students get back into the school routine, including inquiry and PBL. Courtesy of Edutopia.


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    I would rather go to school to see my friends and just have my normal daily routine how it is now.

  2. Trever

    I’m trever Reid and that’s why we have private schools to stop provinting bullys

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    I would rather go to school so you can see your friends

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