Weekly News Round-up: 11.21.2014

By Alex Honeysett 11.21.2014 blog

This week in education news: Cutoff scores set for CCSS tests, college admission officers weigh in on students’ digital footprints, how to incorporate infographics into your classroom and a few tips on shifting your classroom to student-centered learning.

Cutoff Scores Set for Common-Core Tests
Earlier this week, The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium approved initial achievement levels for Common Core ELA and math assessments. They also projected that “more than half of students will fall short of the marks that connote grade-level skills on its tests of English/language arts and mathematics.”

Toning Down the Tweets Just in Case Colleges Pry
In this New York Times article, Kaplan’s vice president for college admissions says “my hunch is that students are not publicly chronicling their lives through social media in the same way.” Read on for more trends college admissions officers are finding when it comes to students’ digital footprint.

How to Turn a Classroom Research Project into an Infographic
If you love a good infographic as much as we do, here’s a step-by-step way to create infographics with your students in the classroom.

10 Ways to Get Student-Centered Learning Right
A recent Atlantic article outlines the benefits and weaknesses of student-centered learning. This Edudemic article provides the key takeaways and gives tips for making student-centered learning work in your classroom.

Common Core Connection: Writing Argumentative Essays on Current Events
This week, our resident education blogger outlines three ways to support students learning how to write argumentative essays: choosing a news story, conducting research and sharing student work.


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