Weekly News Round-up: 2.6.15

By Tonka Dobreva 02.06.2015 blog

This week in the education world, we collected articles about college and career readiness in elementary school, strategies for having authentic race, class and gender discussions, an update on Title I Aid and ways to up your flipped classroom game.

Is Your First Grader College Ready?
‘“The age-old question is: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ You always ask kids that,” Ms. Rigo said. “We need to ask them, ‘How will you get there?’ Even if I am teaching preschool, the word ‘college’ has to be in there.”’ As this New York Times article explores, how early should we start college & career readiness prep?

3 Strategies for Authentic Race, Class, and Gender Discussions
Jose Vilson, a middle school math teacher and coach, has moderated and participated in conversations about how “race, gender, and class play into who gets to call themselves an expert, who gets to go to conferences, and whose experiences are often dismissed as a result.” In this Edutopia article, he outlines three strategies for sparking those conversations.

Red Flags Raised on Plan to Let Title I Aid Follow Students
As this Education Week article explains, “education groups are fighting a proposal on Capitol Hill that would allow federal funding to allow disadvantaged students to the public schools of their choice—and idea that school district advocates see as a pit stop on the highway to Voucherville.”

Six Ingredients for Sweetening your Flipped Classroom Recipe
If you’re flipping your classroom for the first time or looking for new ideas for your already-flipped approach, check out this blog from EdSurge.

EdTech Trend: Using Voxer to Connect with Your PLN
Recently, our resident edtech blogger Monica Burns suggested ways to develop your personal learning networks (PLNs) using the tool Voxer.


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