Weekly News Round-up: 4.25.2014

By Alex Honeysett 04.25.2014 blog

It’s Friday! Here’s your weekly news round-up:

What Teachers Need from Digital Technology
This week was the ASU + GSV Education Summit (where our CEO CJ Kettler presented our new curriculum product!). At the event, the Gates Foundation released a report that summarized what both teachers and students want and need from digital tools. Here’s a summary of the survey from Edsurge.

States’ Roullout of Common Core Goes Under the Microscope
As this Education Week article explains, each state’s strengths and weaknesses are being assessed as the Common Core is rolled out across the country.

White House: Draft Teacher-Prep Regs Out in Summer
The Obama Administration will be releasing “draft accountability rule” for teacher-preparation programs this summer, reports Education Week.

To Improve Test Scores: Hit Reset
As this Edutopia article explains, “it’s important to train students to recognize moments during a test when they have allowed emotions to hijack their attention. In that moment, all they need is a reset — any deliberate change in perspective that defuses emotions and gets them back on track.”
The Beginner’s Guide to the History of the Internet
In this article, Edudemic asks: Have you ever wondered who actually invented the Internet? For all of us nodding our heads at the computer right now, check out their 6 minute timeline of the web.

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