Weekly News Round-up: 5.23.2014

By Alex Honeysett 05.23.2014 blog

School may be winding down, but the education trades keep crankin’ out stories. Here are some of our favorites this week:

How Do We Teach Digital Literacy to Digital Natives?
Our very own CEO, CJ Kettler, wrote an op-ed for Edudemic where she explores the best ways to teach digital literacy to digital natives. Her suggestion? Use the news! You can read the full op-ed here.

National Landscape Fragments as States Plan Common-Core Testing
In this article, EdWeek maps out the national K-12 testing landscape. As they report,  “only a few years ago, the ambitious initiative to use shared assessments to gauge learning based on the new common-core standards had enlisted 45 states and the District of Columbia. Today, the testing landscape looks much more fragmented, with only 27 of them still planning to use those tests in 2014-15, and the rest opting for other assessments or undecided, an Education Week analysis shows.”

The Current State of Girls’ Education
This article and infographic from Edudemic dive into the reality of girls’ education in 2013 and explain how it’s changed since 1990. For example, “girls have nearly caught up to boys in primary enrollment – a marked change since 1990. “

From the Diary of a Flipped Classroom Newbie
In this blog post form EdSurge, AP Physics teacher Lawrence Whisenant explains his journey transitioning his classes to a flipped environment – and the tools he used to do it.

States Forge Ahead on Principal Evaluation
According to this EdWeek article, “Since 2010, at least 36 states have adopted laws requiring principals to undergo regular assessments and increasing the rigor of those reviews.”

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