Weekly News Round-up: 5.30.2014

By Alex Honeysett 05.30.2014 blog

Here are a few of the top stories from the education trades this week:

School Spending Increases Linked to Better Outcomes for Poor Students
According to this Education Week article, “in districts that substantially increased their spending as the result of court-ordered changes in school finance, low-income children were significantly more likely to graduate from high school, earn livable wages, and avoid poverty in adulthood.”

Forecasting K-12 Edtech Adoption Trends
Last week, the New Media Consortium gave a sneak peak at its K – 12 Horizon Report, which, as EdSurge explains, “projects fast, mid-range and long-range edtech adoption trends.” Read on for this year’s forecasts.

Schools Could Face Slower Internet Under Proposed ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules
We’ve been covering the FCC’s proposed rules on net neutrality on the show over the past few weeks and have heard from students wondering how it will impact them. In this article, Education Week explains that education advocates “worry that schools could find themselves in the slow lanes of Internet delivery if proposed “net neutrality” rules posted by the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday are adopted as written.”

5 Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Graduating Students
Whether you’re saying goodbye to elementary, middle school or high school students, check out these 5 DIY ideas to send them off.

A 4-Step Guide To Effective Lesson Planning
If you want to file this away until July, we don’t blame you. But whenever you’re ready for it, here’s a handy infographic that outlines the best way to create an effective lesson plan. 

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