Weekly News Round-up: 6.13.2014

By Alex Honeysett 06.13.2014 blog

Here are some of our favorite stories from the education world this week:

Teachers, School Accountability Systems Shaken Up
As EdWeek reports, “many states are moving to delay or alter test-based accountability for schools and teachers, as tests associated with the Common Core State Standards head for their debut nationwide in the coming school year.”

F.C.C. Chief Plans Action on Wi-Fi in Schools
As the New York Times reports, “according to F.C.C. officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity, Mr. Wheeler is planning next week to offer his fellow commissioners a proposed regulatory change to promote Wi-Fi in schools. Mr. Wheeler’s aim is to get the issue on the agenda for the F.C.C.’s July 11 meeting.”

Why It’s Time to Rethink (and Question) Homework
In this Edudemic article, reporter Katie Lepi explores the concept of homework – and whether it’s still relevant considering the changing landscape of education.

Three Ways of Getting Student Feedback to Improve Your Teaching
In this Edutopia article, teacher Vicki Davis provides suggestions on how to get feedback from your students and how to incorporate it into next year’s lesson plans.

Using Entrepreneurship to Transform Student Work
High School teacher Raleigh Werberger explains how launching a project that asked students to start a business resulted in “beyond anything I could have hoped for.”

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